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A Guy Gets a Lifetime Ban From an Airline For Flashing His Pinocchio Tattoo

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As far as d-bag tattoos go, this one is pretty clever. But there’s a time and place to show it off, and this wasn’t it.

22-year-old Tom Washington of Grimsby, England has a tattoo of Pinocchio on his groin . . . so that his JUNK stands in for Pinocchio’s growing and shrinking nose. Pretty good, right?

But . . . Tom was on a FLIGHT from England to Spain last Friday with 22 of his friends. And he decided THAT would be a good place to show it.

They were being rowdy in general, and had all dressed up as female flight attendants. So you can imagine how they were acting. But Tom flashing his Pinocchio tattoo in front of the other passengers and the REAL flight attendants took things too far.

The airline banned him for LIFE.


(Grimsby Telegraph

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